Mission, vision, values

Our mission is to improve our consumer’s life through locally adapted brands and products, which help us to have a healthier lifestyle.
To our consumers

We aim to offer them brands that suit their taste: we are constantly trying to innovate in our recipes, packaging and communication.

In the relationship with our clients

We are the perfect partner, offering a profitable long-term development and added value, based on powerful brands, adapted to local consumption behavior and to international nutrition and food safety trends.


We offer a profitable development through an efficient, flexible and sustainable value chain.

In the relationship with our employees

We encourage talents, diversity and team work. We want our people to develop themselves and to progress in order to reach high performances.

Society / Social responsibility

We aim to contribute to the growth of the community we are operating in through building a strong business. Sustainability is the solution we propose for growth and competitiveness.

Our vision:

Your friend in the everyday life, from breakfast to dinner, from the office to your holidays.


  • Courage

    Courage helps us to be innovative, daring, truly world class. An essential value that motivates us to keep going forward is to assume risks. Brave people search for the highest peaks and love to win. They dare to speak when things go to a wrong direction, enroll in demanding discussions and take difficult decisions.

  • Trust

    Trustworthy people are seen as being professionals, with many aptitudes and self-confident. People trust us because we respect our promises. We assume the responsibility in front of our consumers, clients, owners and entire society, offering safety. We are passionate, we never give up and we overpass the obstacles promptly. We think and act on a long term perspective.


    Enthusiastic people are passionate and wish to be successful. They permanently innovate. We love to be an inspiration source for consumers, clients and partners, as well as an inspiration source for us.


Orkla is one of the largest Nordic listed companies in Norway. Its main divisions are: Orkla Brands, Orkla Aluminum Solutions and Orkla Financial Investments.

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