al brandurilor si companiei Orkla Foods Romania

Orkla Foods Romania S.A. merges with Hame Romania SRL.

Campania de imagine LaMinut continua sa primeasca distinctii internationale. Apare in cea mai prestigioasa revista de publicitate din lume, Lürzer’s Archive, fiind mentionata in Best 200 Ad Photographers Worldwide 2020/2021. In acelasi an este nominalizata la premiile Effie, in categoria Packaged Food.

Ardealul receives in the yard an disciple with Fainoșag. Influencer Ionut Rusu learns the mysteries of the pate from Master Ion. The two begin their journey through the world of taste with Fainoșag.

Hame Select enters the premium area and launches a new image campaign focused on fish and pate categories.

Linco Patisero launches two special editions of pies, filled with cherries and berries.

La Grande Famiglia receives a new packaging design and makes an impression on the shelf. The brand is present in the categories of fish, sweets, compotes.


Antrefrig enters the Orkla portfolio, and the Blue piggy militates against bullying between students. Funny, as usual, Antrefrig „iti da ficat, VeryFicat.”

Tomi continues collaborating with ROA and this was very "good". The campaign have several winners, one of which goes home aboard a brand-new Duster with included tuning.

It launches TOMI BIO, a friendly ketchup with everyone, chosen by parents, preferred by children.

Bunatati de la Bunica is now present in the category of mayonnaise with two assortment, egg mayonnaise (80% fat) and mayonnaise sauce (27% fat), a post product.

LaMinut Bobita makes its way to the mustard shelf.


In December, LaMinut launches a new image campaign, dedicated to the feast of the holidays. The campaign receives the award for Art Director of The Year, the same year.

Linco Patisero launches the image campaign for the range of pies with fillings, and the sales are doubled. Besides the assortment filled with apples and cinnamon and cheese, the mushroom variants and the Urda with Dill are entered into the portfolio.

Unirea launches decorations for cakes, colorful and delicious.

Orkla launches Tomi Light with 0% sugar and sweetened with Stevia. 50% fewer calories from sweet Tomi.

La Minut Barosanu' is launched for big portions of "mici"


Inspired by the Rio Olympics, Tomi launches the special edition Tomi Ketchup Salsa, a slightly spicy, but extremely savory taste.

In the same year Tomi barbecue sauces appears, a range dedicated to those passionate about barbeque. The premiere took place at Burgerfest.

The Unirea brand extends into the category of cake ingredients.

Linco Patisero launches two unique assortment in the category of frozen pastry, simple short pastry dough and sweet short pastry dough.


Wiesana relaunched two assortments: Wiesana Light&Fiber (18% fat content) and Wiesana Omega (Omega 3 and 6) with an improved recipe, with natural ingredients, as carrot juice or lemon juice.

LaMinut broadened its portofolio with two new products: mayo sauce and garlic mayo sauce.

Ardealul launched two new assortmens: mushrooms and olives vegetable pate.

Linco launched a unique SKU in the margarine market: Linco for Puree.

Linco frozen products range relaunched a new product with a more expressive name in the industry: Linco Patisero.

Orkla launched Fruhstuck margarine at 1000g casserole.


Orkla Foods Romania coalesced with Ardealul company.

Bunatati de la Bunica changed its logo.

Ardealul and Linco refreshed their look with new packings.

Ardealul launched the national campaign Romania has fainosag.

Orkla launched Linco Pies- a traditional pie range including 4 assortments: salty cheese, sweet cheese& plummys, pumpkin and apple&cinnamon.


Linco launched the sandvisurigustoase.ro platform and the national campaign 1000 x sandwich maker.

Linco relaunched itself with a new packing design.


Unirea launched an innovative product in margarine range: Liquid Unirea Experta, with 80% fat content.

Unirea brand sponsored the best-known cooking show from Romania.

Ardealul broadened its range with Ardealul Specialties.

Linco broadened its range with two new products: Greek Pie and Greek Mini-Rolls.

ORKLA FOODS ROMANIA purchased FDS distribution company.


Ardealul launched the Fainosag campaign.

Wiesana relaunched itself, with a new recipe and a new packing: a rectangular casserole. It had a powerful communication campaign.

Unirea broadened its portofolio with a new SKU- Unirea Experta.

Orkla launched the book „100 sweet secrets”.

Unirea produced its first TV spot.

Linco frozed doughs changed its look with new packings.

LaMinut produced its first TV spot.


LaMinut brand extends its mustard range with two new assortments – sweet and horseradish.

LaMinut enters the liver pate category.

Tomi launches on the market the first Romanian ketchup for children: Tomi cel viteaz.

Unirea expands its portfolio with a new SKU – Unirea original 500g.

Linco Apetit launches the 1kg casserole.

Linco Filo Dough range extends with a winter limited edition: Linco Filo Dough with cinnamon.


Launching for the first time in Romania a new range of Margarine aligned to EU and market requests – professional margarine without trans acids.

Unirea brand is relaunched with a new design and enriched with a new product dedicated to sweets lovers: Unirea for creams.

Tomi comes with a new design and a new packaging type – sleeve; Tomi Big spicy (1kg) is launched.

Wiesana is relaunched, with a new recipe with Omega 3 and 6, a new design and a new portfolio.

Ardealul extends its portfolio with a new 300g chicken liver pate.


OOrkla Foods Romania enters a new business category: pastry and bakery ingredients.

Activity relocation from Craiova and Targoviste takes place, as well as the concentration of the production activities on the platforms from Covasna and Bucharest.

It is launched Wiesana D’Olive with olive oil, which is a premiere for Romanian market.

Linco margarine is relaunched, with a new packaging and a new portfolio, supported by the promo “Rings with diamonds for brilliant moms”.

Ardealul liver pate range extends by launching the 300g pig can, the only one on the market with resealable lid.


Wiesana brand is relaunched.

Tomi and Bunatati de la Bunica extend the range with new assortments: Tomi Sweet ketchup (1kg) and Tomi Pizza, and Bunatati de la Bunica pasta sauce.


Orkla Foods Romania buys Royal Brinkers Romania, a company that produces margarine and frozen doughs, founded in 1996. Therefore, 3 new brands are added to Orkla Foods Romania’s portfolio: Linco, Unirea, and Holland.

Tomi extends the range with Tomi Xtra Spicy.

Ardealul brand is relaunched.


Orkla Foods Romania buys the liver pate and canned meats producer Ardealul (Covasna), founded in 1994.

Tomi changes its look with new packaging and visuals.


Orkla Foods Romania buys a plant from Targoviste that processes vegetables and fruits.

New product categories for Tomi and Bunatati de la Bunica brands are launched: Tomi ketchup yellow tomatoes, Bunatati de la Bunica jams.


SC ORKLA FOODS ROMANIA SA is founded through the acquisition of Topway Foods International SA by the Norwegian group ORKLA FOODS INTERNATIONAL.

Taste enhancers and dehydrated vegetables are launched under Bunatati de la Bunica brand.


New products are launched under the umbrella of the current brands: Tomi tomatoes juice, Fruhstuck with calcium and 12 vitamins, Bunatati de la Bunica margarine with olive oil, LaMinut mustard and Allegria oil that belong to Topway.


Are loc lansarea brandului Bunatati de la Bunicais launched through the Topway’s entrance in mustard and food sauces categories.


Ia nastere brandul Linco brand is born when Royal Brinkers founded the margarine plant in Vitan.

In acelasi an apare brandul de ketchup Tomiketchup brand, belonging to Topway, is born.


Ia nastere brandul Ardealul brand is born when the liver pate cans production line is started in Covasna.


Iau nastere brandurile WiesanaFruhstuck brands are born when Topways inaugurates at Craiova the first margarine and casserole vegetable fats production line.