About us

Tomi, Bunatati de la Bunica, Adrealul, Linco, Unirea are just a part of Orkla Foods Romania’s pride.

We are among the most important local companies on FMCG market and we are present in Romania since 2002, through purchasing several local companies (Topway, Adrealul, Royal Brinkers).


We, Orkla Foods Romaniaare part of the Norwegian Orkla Group, one of the biggest companies listed on Norway Stock market. The group’s portfolio is a result of five business divisions. At international level, in the food and personal care products industry, the group activates through Orkla Brands division, which is composed of: Orkla Foods Nordic, Orkla Brands Nordic, Orkla Brands International and Orkla Food Ingredients.


Orkla Brands operates through a multi-local business model, where the responsibility of the value creation lies with each company, at local level. Therefore, Orkla Foods Romania activates under Orkla Foods Ingredients umbrella, but it is a local business that benefits from the entire Group’s know-how and expertise. The multi-local business model allows the creation of synergies between the Group’s companies, obtained through sharing the best practices and the most efficient and profitable support functions.


For these reasons, our products are local, their development starts from the preferences and needs of the Romanian consumers, realized at international standards in plants located in Bucharest, Covasna and Iasi. Under the nine brands that we own at the moment in the retail segment: Ardealul, Bunatati de la Bunica, Fruhstuck, Holland, LaMinut, Linco, Tomi, Unirea and Wiesana, which cover several product categories – from liver pate to canned meat, mustard, sauces, horseradish paste, margarine, ketchup, frozen dough – we sell 80 products with different weights.


In the B2B segment, in the bread and pastries category, we sell industrial products under four brands – Selecta, Paticrem, Accento and Credin – and up to now we launched on the market over 100 products specific to this segment.

Our strategy is an expansion one. We aim to grow in all the categories we activate in, to reach a top position both in retail and in the professional usage products, to enter new categories and identify new business growth opportunities through approaching new markets. We aim to become active on new markets in South-Eastern Europe, focusing not only on Orkla Foods Romania's products, but also on the other products from the Group.

Our Romanian consumer is the one who inspires us, we take into consideration the fast evolution of the market environment and the continuous change of consumer preferences and needs, adapting the products from our portfolio and offering the best value for the paid price. In a constant manner, we invest in new products and in perfecting the ones we already have in order to promptly respond to the needs of our consumers.


For us, the superior quality of the products and ingredients is very important, while nutrition and health are two aspects that we naturally take in account in the development and production of our products. Product developers, chefs, nutritionists and marketing representatives work together for elaborating and developing the new products adapted to the current needs and future desires of the consumers.


Through clear procedures, focus on the constant development and competence improvement, we have a performant production processes control system. To ensure a high and constant level of quality and food safety, Orkla established its own standards (Orkla Foods Safety Standards – OFSS) regarding the food production. All the companies from the Group that produce food and drinks strictly respect these food safety standards. Our commitment towards the society is to be a responsible, transparent and trustworthy company.


We operate on the basis of responsible and ethical principles and we are exigent with ourselves regarding the impact we have on the environment and society in general.


This is why we truly believe that People and Passion make the difference. Our team is composed of people with a positive attitude, open-minded, eager to learn from the others and share the best practices. This is why we are convinced that, by investing in people we will develop our business and we will bring benefits to the consumers and to the communities we are working in.

At the moment, we have over


employees, with an average age of under 39 years old and we are one of the main employers from Covasna and Iasi.